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Suzhou BenNiTe Metal Co., Ltd (BNT) is located in suzhou, beside Taihu Lake. BNT mainly focuses on the specialization on welding & machining of stainless steel and Non-ferrous for medical device and cross industry.Upon the idea of customer focus, Quality first and Win-Win, BNT provide top quality products to domestic and oversea customers through stronger technologies and professional manufacturing experience.


* Company Vision

Compliance & Integrity with Quality first


* Values are:
1) Boundless Teamwork.

2) 100% Trustworthy.

3)Superior Customer Value.

4) Win-Win solution.

5) Continuous Improvement & Optimization.

6) Innovation for Future.


* The company objectives are:
1) Fully Support Customer Initiatives.

2) Strengthen Core Competency .

3) Partnership with customers.

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